Brand Identity. Brand Culture. Business Intelligence.

Superscript Creative aligns itself with emerging businesses looking to expand or finesse their existing brand presence and following. No gimmicks, just outstanding visuals and data to back it up.

Always growing with you.

Superscript Creative began as a graphic design service in 2010 and since then has grown into a company that goes beyond the visuals and connects the business workflow by measuring and tracking advertising and marketing efforts we provide for our clients. From online advertising, videography, social and more, the data behind it is just as important as the presentation. We believe in the partnerships we’ve created with businesses in Hawaii, the mainland, and Asia and treat them as our own with their individual goals in mind.

Marketing & Strategy

Building a solid and consistent marketing plan pays the largest dividends for any business in the long run. Superscript Creative are experts in brand assessment and management, making sure your consumers see a strong and singular presence in your marketplace. We have been customizing marketing strategies for clients that best suit their needs, desires, and goals while still managing to be realistic, attainable, affordable, and beautiful.

Design & Layout

No other firm has a better track-record or understanding of our client’s needs throughout the entire printing and design process, making sure you have powerful branding that promotes your business in the most effective ways possible. Our firm represents a wealth of knowledge and experience in the matters of procurement, distribution, and printing logistics, making sure your message actually reaches your customers.

Development & Experience

We build beautiful business interfaces so that your customer always have an impressive “storefront” to visit you. Weather it is increasing your conversions, integrating e-commerce, building a blog, boosting social media, custom app development, search engine optimization, data visualization, or a simple informative site, we are only interested in making websites that take businesses to new and unforeseen heights.


Having the highest quality photography to be the face of your business is the easiest way to capture and project a sense of professionalism. With shoots performed on behalf of major national corporate clients, we stand behind its reputation in the field of client photography and mastering. From food to models to standardized product shots, to outdoor settings and staging, there is nothing we can’t shoot for your business.


From short and effective web videos for online marketing to animation to all-out promotional videos and presentations, Superscript Creative offers our clients tremendous value by streamlining all areas of production, including videography, under one roof. Shooting a video for your company doesn’t have to be like financing a Hollywood movie. Let us put our people, equipment and experience to work for your next video project.


Search engines are changing their algorithms every few months now. Each time it changes, so does the landscape of SEO. We are constantly committed to keeping up with the latest trends and best practices for our clients. We set our clients up with a customized initial on-page SEO configuration. Additionally, we can provide further SEO management going beyond the website to ensure our clients are always accessible.

Brand Management

Before you spend your time and resources on web and marketing development, its important to have a well built foundation and understanding of your product, your customers, and your marketplace. Given our experience, we feel we have an outlook few marketing firms can attain and we use this unique perspective to make sure your business has a story to tell.

Social & Engagement

Many companies have recognized the value and benefit in social media marketing. Social Marketing drives quality traffic, leads & sales and boosts your online reputation. We have the ability to create engaging content directing traffic to your marketplace or storefront for higher conversions rates.